Sunday, June 13, 2010

Road Trip Part 1

The last few days have been a lot of fun. For me and my husband. It's always enjoyable to have our daughter home with us. This time around, we decided on a mini road trip. My husband's leg is still bothering him. So we decided that I would drive. And we'd take it easy.

Thursday morning, we went and had a nice breakfast at the coffee shop. One of my daughter's favorite places to eat. She really enjoys a nice tortilla burger for breakfast. My husband and I get the huevos rancheros. And we all split some chicharrones. It was very good.

We headed back home. Which isn't far, a short trip over the bridge. And we packed up. We wanted to head north. To go visit a religious town. But we also wanted to enjoy the trip. So we went the back way. And made a stop in one of our favorite towns.

It was hot. But not as hot as in the city where we live. My husband sat on the deck to these shops. And my daughter and I went looking around. We did bring my husband an ice cream. Actually, we all sat down to have ice cream. They were so big! And very good. My husband likes his in a bowl. But my daughter and I, we got ours in cones. And about halfway through, we were in a bit of a mess. But it was good.

We also did a little shopping. I bought a beautiful copper bracelet. I really like copper jewelry. And I bought my daughter some basket weave earrings. They're beautiful. With gold, silver, and copper in them. Then we got back on the road.

My husband decided to take a nap. And my daughter and I enjoyed the scenery so much! I wish we would have had a camera. And of course, there were snacks. No road trip is complete without snacks. :)

My daughter and I were a bit worried that this specific church we were trying to get to, would be closed. We spent a little too much time in the first town. But we made it. And we learned that the summer hours are a little longer. So we were OK.

Since my husband's leg was still bothering him, we decided to drop him off near the church. It was still a walk for him, but nowhere near the walk that my daughter and I had. We had to park down the hill from there. Then walk across a field and up a steep hill. But we did get to see a pretty horse.

There were so many people that day. In fact, 2 tour buses got there when we were there. My husband met us inside. And we got holy water and dirt. We prayed. And looked at the various shrines. But it was so hot! We decided to go sit outside and enjoy nature.

My husband also wanted to pick up a leg charm. a bit of our religious beliefs. And I wanted to get some powdered chili. I'm yet to find better chili than the one we get there. It was an adventure. My husband stayed sitting under a tree on a nice bench. My daughter and I went shopping.

The man that was selling the chili, he wanted us to try it out first. My daughter was all for it. He opened up some pistachios, handed us each a shell full of chili. And we were supposed to eat the chili, then the pistachio. The red chili wasn't so bad. It actually has a really good flavor. The next red chili, wow! It was hot. And by the time we got to the green one, which was the hottest, I couldn't handle it. I tasted it with the tip of my tongue, and let the rest blow in the wind. :)

Don't tell the man! But I just couldn't handle it. He was super nice. And my daughter loved all 3 that we tried. But we settled on the 2 different red chilis. he opened a 3rd bag of each, and split them into our 2 bags. That's right, 6 bags for about $10. A really good deal.

Then we went across the road. And did some more shopping. We got my husband his charm, and a cross. I bought my daughter a red, heart shaped rosary. And I got a charm to give to my daughter and husband. It reminded me of a friendship charm, but it was for family. We also bought some muerto bead for little Sarita.

By this time, it was 5:30pm. And we headed back to my husband. We had just sat down and were talking about this dog that was lying there sleeping. I really thought he was dead. But my husband was telling us that he had moved. We were just there watching all these people. A little boy was so excited about this book he had just bought.

And this lady, she walked past us. Looked stunning. An older woman. Her makeup was amazing, her hair looked great, she was just beautiful. And about 5 feet away from us, she fainted! It really scared everyone. But she was OK. After they got her some water. And cooled her down a bit. She did get a big goose egg on the side of her head, were she hit the edge of a statue. But thank goodness she was OK!

This is about the time we decided to leave. It was really hot, and we were all hungry. My daughter and I made the long walk back to our van. But I did dip my feet into the creek first. The water was nice and cool. We picked up my husband, and headed south for dinner.

I'll have part 2 later this week. I can't believe how much we managed to do in a few short days. But it was so much fun. And I'm glad we went on our road trip.

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