Friday, June 25, 2010

Lullaby Blanket

I've been working on this baby blanket. It's one of my favorite baby blankets to crochet. I've been making it for years! In all kinds of yard. And in so many different colors! It's from Red Heart and it's a free pattern! I originally got it as a free pamphlet from Wal-Mart.

My daughter's best friend is expecting her first baby in October. And my daughter and I have been busy working on gifts. I'm in the middle of one of these blankets. They're super quick to make. 100 squares. I've finished the squares already. And now, I'm putting it together. By the way, the big skeins of Bernat baby are amazing! That's whay I've been using. I've maybe used half a skein!

I'm making it to match something else that I've made. I have never made either project in the colors that I used. And I don't know why. I'll share them later After Hills' baby shower. They're beautiful! I can't wait to finish this blanket. And I really hope that baby Charlotte will enjoy it as well.

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