Thursday, June 24, 2010

Amazing Friends

Last night, we had some friends invite us over for dinner. They're actually employees of ours. A mother and a daughter. But we've become really good friends. They called and invited us over for dinner. And we just had to go.

They live in this cute little apartment. And it's so warm and inviting. The food was amazing! Both of them are really good cooks. A quick dinner turned into 3 hours of talking. But it was a really good evening.

I would love to do something for them. Maybe invite them out to our cabin. They've been wanting to go. My daughter wants to make them something for their house. They're just amazing people like that. You feel more like family, rather than just a friend.

Not only is their house amazing. But their yard is too! I appreciate someone who takes pride in their yard and works hard at it. They have amazing trees all the way around. And a bunch of tomato plants. There is a really nice patio between their apartment and my friend's son's house. It's just a cozy little place. And it has to be nice to live with your daughter, and have your son right next door.

It was just a nice evening to go out. Have some fun. And enjoy a little bit of life. I'm glad we all got to get together like that. It's nice to have good friends. I know we have some amazing friends in our lives. But sometimes life gets busy, and you go a long time without seeing them. True friends will always be there. Whether time has passed or not.

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