Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day

Working Dad,

I hope you have a great day. Today is your day. I'm glad that our little girl is coming home today. You don't know that. It's a surprise. I think it will make your day more special.

When I think about it, both our daughter and I are so lucky. We have you in our lives. A strong, caring, and loving man. We've always had a great time as a family. And that is because of you. I'm very glad that God sent us into each other's paths in life.

We don't always say it, but I really do love you. And you make my day so much brighter. The time and care that you've given our daughter over the years, it's really amazing. I'm glad that you're in our lives. And I hope that we're able to give you all the love you give us.

Crafty Mom

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