Sunday, June 27, 2010

Busy Weekend

This had to be 1 of the busiest weekends we've had in a long while. A graduation party, a wedding, a baby shower, and a post wedding get together. I'm exhausted just thinking about all we managed to pack into 2 days!

Yesterday started with an early breakfast and quick trip to the tire shop. What a day to decide to change our tires. I know. But we did. I went home and made some salads for my niece. Her daughter's graduation party was Saturday evening. And she was making all the food on her own! Italian food. So I offered to make the salads. Unfortunately, we didn't get to go to the party. There was just too much to do.

But we did go to a wedding. Some of our best friends, friends we've had for well over 30 years, had a son that was getting married. Our kids actually grew up together. And the bride is a really good friend to my daughter. So close, at one time we thought the groom's cousin and my daughter would be married. They dated when they were younger. The bride is one of my daughter's best friends. They were all really close growing up. The 4 "Musketeers."

That's where we were. And it was an amazing wedding! Beautiful, full of love, and so elegant. My daughter was the maid of honor. The groom's cousin was the best man. And those dresses, they were breath taking! I also helped with the food. And spent a goo part of my day cooking. Good thing it was an evening wedding!

We were easily out until 2am. That's how good the wedding was. And some of our dearest friends were there. It was just a nice event. It's incredible to see how much all these kids have grown. They're adults. And in many cases, married with children! I still remember going to little league games. Watching these little boys play t-ball! Now they have sons in t-ball. My daughter was just a little younger than them. The only girl! But they all grew up together. The boys took really good care of her both then, and now.

And today. It was just as full! My husband and I barely made it to church. We were so tired. But we did make it, and then to breakfast. And then off to our friends' home. Since my husband and I got married, it's a tradition to have a post-wedding lunch for the bride and groom. Just close family and friends are invited. And the wedding party.

It's more of a lunch to get to talk with everyone. You know, on the day of the wedding, you're pretty busy! But this is a casual event. And the bride and groom get to open all their gifts. We had a wonderful time. Lots of food, good company, and laughter. It was a nice afternoon and evening.

I had been invited to my Goddaughter's baby shower as well. She just had her 2nd baby on Thursday. But the shower was on Sunday evening. And I didn't make it. On the way home, we drove by my niece's home. And we dropped off mine and my daughter's gifts. I felt bad for missing it. But there was just a lot going on this weekend.

Here it is, almost 10pm, and my husband and I just got home! But it was a weekend fill with lots of love. And so many good people. The celebrations were amazing. And one day, I look forward to my own daughter's wedding. Whenever she decides to tie the knot. (wink, wink. That was a hint.) Until then, it might take until next weekend to recover!

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