Wednesday, June 9, 2010

DMV Fail

I've been trying to get my driver's license renewed all week. It's been miserable. The local DMV is horrible! You go and wait forever. The people working the desks, they pick the numbers of their friends before you. It honestly takes forever.

For me, it takes a bit longer, with a lot more paperwork. Because I have a CDL license. And I'm a CDL certified trainer. With a few other certifications for our business. So I have to bring in a pile of paperwork. My license expires on the 12th. My daughter, she recently went through this. A little less stress, but still had issues.

I thought I had everything. My old driver's license, my birth certificate, social security card, all my credentials, all my paperwork. But the man was so rude. And the 1st day was a complete fail. Not only did I not get a license, but he was incredibly rude!

I took down his name, called our supervisor at our state office. I also called the state line for the DMV. I was really upset! Oh, and I lost a really expensive diamond bracelet. It fell off when I was talking to the man who was helping me. When I walked out, I realized that. Immediately, I went back inside to look for it. It was gone.

This morning, I was spitting bullets mad! We got there 30 minutes before the DMV opened. I was the 3rd person there. We still ended up waiting over 3 hours to be helped. It was unreal. My husband was so mad. But no one seemed to care. We also watched the workers. They knew I had turned them in. But I honestly didn't care. What they had been doing, it was unacceptable.

Finally I'm called to the window. And the same man is giving me a hard time. There is a paper that I fill out for our employees. Since I'm their trainer. That's how they get a certain endorsement on their driver's license. The man was being a jerk. He knew I didn't need one. But demanded that I have one. He gave me the paper and told me that I needed to have it filled out by my employer.

Remember, my husband was there. So I wouldn't leave the little window area. And my husband came to where I was. I was filling out the paper. And the man was screaming at me. His supervisor came to see what was going on. I explained that I'm the person that fills these papers out for our company. I signed and dated the bottom. So did my husband.

When they pulled up our company record, sure enough, I'm the one that does this. I just think this man was upset because he had gotten into trouble. And he wanted me to pay for it. Almost 5 hours after we had arrived at the DMV, I left with my paper driver's license. I have to wait anywhere from 1-7 weeks for my real license.

What a day! We just finished our breakfast. Yes, I know it's lunchtime. But that's how long it took! But I'm excited. Our daughter is coming for a visit. And we have some fun things planned.

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