Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Quick Note

I'm so excited with all of the comments on my giveaway post! I can't believe this many people are interested in my amis. I want to respond to so many of the comments. But I'm going to wait until May 24th. That way I don't mess up the comments for the giveaway.

I want to direct you to 2 other nice giveaways. The first is my daughter's. She is giving away a Cherry Apron that she made. Would it be bad if her mom entered to win? The second is my niece's giveaway. She has made some darling baby items. Both are open until May 23rd as well.

Lastly, my daughter talked me through fixing up my blog. Do you like the design? It's a lot more fun than the boring white one that I had. And I'm proud that I was able to do it. I'm not very computer smart. But I'm proud of my new blog look!

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