Thursday, May 13, 2010

My Daughter Surprised Me

My daughter and I talked last week. And she felt really bad because she couldn't come to see me for Mother's Day and my birthday. But I understand. She is busy. And lives across the country now. I just appreciate that she calls to talk. On Sunday, I got a big surprise when she walked into the restaurant we had gone to for breakfast.

For me, that was more than enough. To spend the day with my daughter. But she brought me some beautiful gifts that she made me. My daughter made me a pretty gold and green necklace. Green is my favorite color. She also made me a pretty charm bracelet and 2 pins. I really need to take some pictures so I can post them.

But it didn't end there. Daughters really do spoil their moms. I got some nice beauty products from Bath and Body Works. Some nice creams and lotions. My daughter also gave me some makeup. And some flower seeds. I really like to garden. These seeds are for hummingbird plants. I'm really excited to plant them!

My husband gave me a porcelain doll. It's a Mexican Dancer. So beautiful! She has a pink dress and so much detail! And I got a pair of earrings to match a ring he bought me for Christmas. As you can see, I was spoiled this year.

We spent the day just relaxing. In the afternoon we went to the cemetery to visit some of our relatives, who have passed away, my Mother in Law, my grandmother, and a few other relatives. No afternoon drive is complete without ice cream. We made a stop at Sonic and had sundaes while we watched the ducks swimming in the river. There were so many ducks and ducklings swimming. It was really a nice afternoon.

My daughter made dinner that night. It was really good. She has turned into an amazing cook. I even got a pineapple upside down cake. It was delicious! My daughter couldn't stay long. But it was so nice to have this happy surprise! She left early Tuesday morning. I'm not sure when I will next see her. But I had a wonderful Mother's Day. Because I got to see my little girl.

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