Friday, May 14, 2010

Baby Socks

When I think about my youngest daughter and her days in school, I can't help but think about her best friend. They were inseparable. I can see this blond little girl. Who wore "Little House on the Prairie" dresses with big hair bows. Bigger than her head. More times than not, she would come over for a sleepover.

Now my daughter and her best friend are all grown up. My daughter is studying to be a doctor. Her best friend married almost a year and a half ago. Now, she's expecting her first baby. I still can't believe how these girls grew up so fast.

My daughter frequently sends me crochet patterns. I would say sometime around the holidays, my daughter sent me this pattern for these baby socks. In our family, there are always babies coming. So I set this pattern aside and knew I would come back to it.

Over Easter weekend, I began crocheting these for our now grown and expecting blond. I'm hoping to have a set in each color by October. That's when the baby is due. And since I don't have any blood related grandchildren yet, I'm taking this opportunity to spoil this baby! I'm sure I'll have a ton of other projects for the baby. But these are so fun and quick!

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andrea creates said...

I know someone these would make a great gift for :)