Thursday, September 30, 2010

Getting Excited!

Tomorrow is Hills' due date. She is expecting her 1st baby. A girl. Hills is my daughter's good friend. And she is super sweet. Also very excited about her new baby girl!

My daughter and I have spent the last few months making sweet things for "Baby C." We've been so excited. I almost feel like Baby C is my granddaughter. That's how close my daughter and her friend were growing up. So sweet.

I was a little upset at the beginning of the month. When Hills' Baby Shower was. I wish I could have gone. But it was across the country. And I had work. I was just not able to go. But I did send all of my gifts with my daughter. And I got to talk to Hills.

Tomorrow is the "Big Day." But I highly doubt that Baby C will come tomorrow. First babies generally come late. But I'm very excited. Like I said, it's like I'm awaiting my granddaughter. I really wish that we lived closer. Especially since Hills has asked my husband and I to be grandparents to her little girl.

She's had a tough time. Hills is going through a rather difficult divorce. Her family has not been very supportive of her. And right now, she is pretty much on her own. What a strong woman. If you just read a little of her blog, you will know what I mean.

We're all so excited. And sending lots of prayers and good thoughts their way. I'm also counting the days until January. When they both come for a visit. I can't wait to meet Baby C. And to catch up with Hills.

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