Sunday, September 19, 2010


My husband and I just got some bad news. About our good friend. Someone who was like family to us. He past away yesterday...

He had been battling cancer. And PHA. But recently, he had gotten a worse diagnosis. He fought a long battle. Never giving up. Until the disease was just too much for his body to take. Yesterday, he went with the Lord.

What a difficult time this is. For all of us. All of his loved ones. The people that knew how. The people that he inspired. Everyone. This is such a shock. And a loss. What a huge loss!

We had to call my daughter. Who is out of town. I know that she was taking it hard. But she was trying to be strong. This was a friend and a mentor for her. Someone that she had looked up to for years. For most of her life.

It's going to be a difficult time for everyone. Especially for his family. His children are slightly older than my daughter. It's going to be hard for them. The only comfort that we all have from his passing, is that he is no longer suffering. Rest in Peace.

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