Saturday, September 18, 2010

State Fair and More

Today my husband and I went to the Fair. With our Car Club. It was a lot of fun. All of the cars were on display. And people really enjoying looking at them. The day was also really nice. The weather has been somewhat spotty lately. But today, it was a nice day.

We enjoyed lots of time with our friends. And we definitely enjoyed the sights and sounds. The Fair was scaled back this year. Due to the economy. But we still managed to enjoy ourselves. Even if 2 ice creams cost almost $15!

And after a full day at the fair, we went to our friends' jewelry store. They were having a big party. It's an annual party that they have. A BBQ included. Probably not the best time of year for it. But I did manage to win 2 door prizes. And again, we had fun.

To round out the day, my husband and I went to the Casino. Just to play a few machines. Nothing too crazy. We both took $20. We played. Ended up breaking even. And we also had dinner there. Right now, we are just getting home.

Now that I think about it, how did we do so much in 1 day? Especially since we didn't leave the Fair until almost 4pm. It amazes me how much we could get done. But it was a day full of fun and excitement! The only thing missing, was our daughter. Maybe next year she will get the chance to come. :)

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