Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Driving South

What are you doing for the holiday weekend? My husband and I have decided to drive south. Just go spend a few days in the southern part of our state. No real plan or destination. Just a drive. And some time away from everything.

We have a few places that we want to stop. There is so much going on this weekend. Lots of festivals in the southern part of our state. I want to try and go to some of the Craft Fairs. And the Farmers' Markets. I think those will be the most fun.

I'm not sure what my husband has planned. Or where he'd like to visit. But there is so much to do this weekend. It makes me wish that the holiday weekend were more like 7 days, instead of 3.

I should probably get to packing. I don't really know what we're going to need. But we have to make stop at the store too. For snacks. No road trip is complete without them. This should be a fun and relaxing weekend. One that I'm very much looking forward to!

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