Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Frosted Flakes

Today is Wednesday. The tough day of the week for me. It's "early day" for our company. But it's the day that I seem to have more work to do. And no time to do it in. I'm on the go all day long. Most Wednesdays, I'm lucky to get 5 minutes to sit down.

That's were Frosted Flakes come in. They're my favorite cereal. I know, I must sound like a child. But between stacks of paperwork and going to drive, I eat a bowl. On Wednesdays. It's my snack/lunch. The only thing that get me through the day.

I'm telling you. Wednesdays might be "early day." But it's the day I work the hardest. It's the day we eat dinner the latest. And the day I usually fall asleep watching TV. At 8pm. Frosted Flakes, they definitely help me get through the day!

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