Saturday, September 11, 2010

We'll Never Forget

9/11. It brings back so many memories. 9 years ago, my daughter moved out of the house. She was 18 years old. And on her own. Away at college. The moment that we saw the events unfolding, all my husband and I could think about was our daughter. And her safety.

That was a difficult day. It took us hours to get in touch. I could tell she was scared. We were scared. Our entire world changed that day. We all became victims.

But today, is not about our feelings. Or what changed us that day. It's about the lives that were lost. The families who never got to say goodbye. The men and women who sacrificed their own lives, just to help others.

That's what today is about. Remembering. Not the horror of that day. But the lives that were lost. The joy that they brought to the world. All of those people who had to lose their lives. Promising lives that were cut short.

On this day, every year, I pray for those people. For the families. For all of the loved ones who still feel that void. I pray for them. We'll never forget the day and the events of 9/11. Let's not forget the innocent people that were also lost.

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