Sunday, October 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Dad

Today is my dad's 97th birthday! And even more shocking than that, he is in amazing shape. Better shape than most people half his age! As in, he still climbs the roof. And feeds his animals. I can only hope to live as long as my dad. And be in the great health that he is.

I thank God, for letting me have so much time, with my dad. He's such an amazing man. So loving. So caring. Just a great dad. And a great human being. He's the first man that ever loved me. And the first man that I ever loved. I really think that our relationship has helped me so much in life. He taught me how men should treat women. And I owe my marriage to my dad. What an amazing man!

I'm praying and wishing that my dad has an amazing day! That he enjoys his birthday. And has another year of health and happiness. Happy Birthday dad!

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