Friday, July 2, 2010

Boston Med and My Favorite 2 Doctors

Last night's episode of Boston Med reminded me so much of my daughter and one of her good friends Dr. L. My daughter is going to school to become a doctor. A pediatrician. She loves working with the kids. From time to time, she can get a little too attached to her patients. But how can you not? These are sick kids.

Dr. L and my daughter grew up together. They dated for a few years as teens. And then went to college. Driven young adults. Both in the medical field. Dr. L went to Harvard. His parents are good friends of ours.

But those doctors reminded me so much of these 2. Driven, focused, and successful. But never forgetting the human element. You know, some doctors forget that patients are people, with loved ones. Not these 2. They're amazing!

My daughter actually makes her patients amigurumi toys. Each one gets a little toy. And Dr. L, is so talented. A neurosurgeon. I still can't believe these 2 are grown up. I remember Dr. L playing baseball in little league. My own daughter sitting in the stands, playing with her baby dolls and eating pop rings.

Now these 2 adults are saving lives. Helping to heal the sick. And making their lives better. I still get all choked up when I see them in their white coats. I'm so proud!

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