Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Our Garden

It's suffering something bad. My daughter brought me some seedlings that she had started. When she planted them, we immediately had some issues. The black ants started eating my plants. Then the heat was just killing everything.

But more recently, it's been the crazy rain that we've had. Yes, the kind that comes down in buckets. But I'm still trying. Trying to save some of my plants. The watermelon and tomatoes seem to be doing the best. I'm pretty sure the pumpkin and the squash are dead. But I keep watering them. You just never know...

Do you have a garden? How is it doing? I hope better than mine. We just seem to be having such a tough year. Weather wise and insect wise. I hope that we can get some vegetables. We had cherries in June. And we had to beat the birds and ants to those too. The were so sweet and delicious.

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