Monday, July 5, 2010

Wonderful Weekend

My husband had a really nice weekend. It started out on Saturday morning. With a "Family Breakfast." My husband's sons put it together. It was the 4 of them, 2 of their wives, and a few of their kids. But it was enjoyable. And I really liked seeing my husband so happy.

I enjoyed talking to our daughter in law. She always has interesting things to talk about. And she was telling me about our new granddaughter. Our grandson and his girlfriend are expecting a little girl later this year. And I also enjoyed talking with my granddaughter. We don't see her a whole lot. But she is almost 2. And is really starting to become talkative.

Right after breakfast, we head north. For a 3 hour drive. We were going to a birthday party. For our niece's step son. And it was a beautiful drive. Everything was so green and beautiful! I seen these light-lime green Hollyhocks. I really wanted to stop and pick some of the seeds. I planned on doing it on the way home, but I forgot. And now I'm really sad about that. Hollyhocks are some of my favorite flowers.

But when we got to my niece's home, it was such a beautiful place. We'd never been there before. When she got married almost 3 years ago, we were going. We had reserved a hotel room and everything. But she got sick, and her and her husband just had a small wedding. No one was invited.

I'm very glad that we went this time. Their home is beautiful. Nothing fancy, but very welcoming. And their property is amazing. They live out in the forest. And the stream goes through their property. It was a really nice place. With tons of gorgeous roses.

They wanted us to stay the night. But my husband and I decided to head back. Really, we were hoping to stop by the casino. The one that our daughter went with us to last month. We headed back south. It was about a 90 minute drive.

We had a nice evening. Both my husband and I won. Before we knew it, it was after midnight. Way past our bedtimes! We are usually in bed pretty early, 10pm or so. Because we have to be up early for our business. Now we needed to find a place to stay.

We drove south. Our capital city is about 30 minutes from where we were. We were about halfway there, when we got stopped in a DWI checkpoint. It took almost 90 minutes to get through. We weren't stopped. But there were so many cars there. Just outside of that, the Opera had gotten out. Another traffic jam.

At nearly 3am, we were finally in our hotel room. Completely exhausted! We slept for a few hours, then got up and got ready. And our hotel had a nice breakfast. We had breakfast, and went back to our room. To take a nap. We really didn't get a whole lot of sleep that day.

By 10am, we were on the road again. My daughter had told us about a fiesta that was going on. Again, we went north, but in a slightly different direction. This time, the drive wasn't as long. And the fiesta was nice. It was different from what we're used to. But we had a nice time.

Sunday was a pretty hot day. So we were very happy that the park we were at was under a lot of trees. The music was really good. And we had some delicious burgers. I had a tortilla burger. But the chili was so hot!

Because we were in a small town, I decided to look around some of the shops. Boy were they expensive places! They claimed to be antique shops, but most sold things from about 5-10 years ago. I seen some Avon broaches, selling for $40! And some pretty ugly dolls for $100. I didn't buy anything. I did see a hat from the 40s that I really liked, but it was almost $90.

That was our weekend. We got home on Sunday night around 9pm. We were beat tired! We just took our overnight bag down, and I went to bed. I didn't even hear all the fireworks that were going on in our neighborhood. But my husband said there were a lot of them. We had a really nice weekend. Something that we definitely needed. And so did my daughter.

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