Thursday, July 8, 2010

A Fun Evening

Yesterday I had a class to go to. It was in the afternoon, for just a few hours. It was for my certification, for our business. So my husband drove me. It was about 30 minutes out of town. I probably should have looked over the books or studied a little. But I didn't. The good news, I past my exam. With only missing 1 question. It felt good.

After, my husband suggested that we go to the Casino for dinner. It was on our way home. We went. And dinner was really good. We finished dinner by 6:30pm and decided to play the machines for a while. Which is always fun. My husband and I don't gamble a lot. Don't laugh, but we like to play the penny machines.

But it was so cold in there! Around 8pm we decided to go outside to warm up. Actually, we thought about going home. Instead, we warmed up and headed back inside. And we played for a few more hours. We won. Not a whole lot. But it was nice to win something.

We got home right before 10pm. Our son was worried. A little panicked to be honest. He called our daughter, who had no idea where we were. But she wasn't in a panic like our son. I think a lot of that had to do with my husband forgetting his cell phone at home.

But we did have a nice night out. Something that is usually out of the ordinary for my husband and I. But over the last month or so, we've really begun to enjoy life a little. And I did enjoy my late night chat with my daughter. I know it was after midnight for her.

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