Friday, July 9, 2010


Over our fun weekend, my husband and I made a quick stop at a Wal-Mart. Just to pick up a few things. And I seen one of those cooking magazines with all the recipes in it. Those little mini ones. I had seen it a few times. And I kept wanting to buy it. Because I knew my daughter could make us the dessert on the front cover. It looks amazing. And in case I haven't said it before, she's a great cook and baker!

On Saturday, I finally bought the magazine. And early this week, I was talking to my daughter. I was also going through the magazine. Telling her all about the recipes. Making us both hungry. Now, I'm sitting at my desk. Trying to work. And all I can think about are the tasty recipes.

I wish I could tell you the name of the magazine. But I'm at work. And it's at home. But I can still see those amazing pictures right now. And they're making me hungry! I wonder when my daughter is coming to visit again...

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