Friday, August 20, 2010


This picture has inspired me. To get my Sewing Room in order. Well, as in order as I can get it, right now. Because when we remodeled our house, a couple of years ago, my Sewing Room got a little...well I have a door that needs to be closed off. And windows that need to be finished off, from the inside.

Yes, my Sewing Room is the only room that hasn't been remodeled. The light fell from the ceiling. I had to manage to get it back up. I'm almost positive, that it's not safe in it's current state. It's pretty bad. My husband and I were talking. It's the next and final room, for us to work on. I want to take out the old wood paneling. And I want to paint the walls a soft and cheerful color.

I want to get organized. I want to be very organized. Put things on my shelves. Have my supplies easily available. That's what I want. Because right now, it's not a functioning space. And that saddens me.

How bad is it? My sewing machine and my serger are in another room. I do most of my sewing in our kitchen or living room. And it stresses me out. Because I feel like it makes a big mess. So I want to get my Sewing Room in order.

Now I just need to make some time. And I really need to attack this space. Because I'm tired of losing my supplies. And having to repurchase things. I'm ready to have a room all to myself again. I miss the days, when I would lock myself in my Sewing Room, and would sew for hours and hours!

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