Monday, August 9, 2010

Church Fiestas

This weekend our church had their annual Church Fiestas. It was a lot of fun. Even with the very "moody" weather. During the day, it was so hot. In the upper 90s! And in the evening, it would get cool, windy, and rain. Yes, it would rain. Not the best weather for an outdoor fiesta. But it happens every year. And we learn how to sit out the weather.

On Saturday, my husband and I were in the parade. We have an old car. And we really enjoy being in the parade. My brother and sister in law were also in the parade. We had invited a few friends to join us. Unfortunately, they didn't come. But we had lots of family there. And lots of friends too. We always catch up with old friends and family.

The food was good too. And there was some good entertainment. Not as much as normal. But still very good. Same with the food. It wasn't as good as in years past, but it was good. And we ate a lot. I'm probably good for a few days. Do you get that way? You eat so much, in a short amount of time, that you lose your appetite for a few days. That's how I feel.

But we had a great time. We spent most of the weekend at the Fiestas. We ate most of the weekend. And I even managed some shopping. There was a Silent Auction. With lots of nice things. I ended up bidding on, and winning, 5 copper bracelets, a pair of earrings, and a rosary. All for under $50. A good deal, considering I've paid up to $60 for a single copper bracelet, in the past.

We had a lot of fun. But I'm exhausted now. I need a day or 2 to recover. But this is a weekend that we look forward to every year. Just seeing old friends and being a part of the community is so fulfilling. Something that my husband and I definitely enjoy.

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