Thursday, May 19, 2011


My granddaughter graduated last night. It was such an incredible experience! We've been close to her since she was small. And my husband and I had decided that we were going to try and do as much as we could for her. My daughter also helped. Between the 3 of us, we were able to buy her class ring, yearbook, clothes for graduation, announcements, cap and gown, and we're throwing her a party.

It's honestly the least we could do. She's had an uphill battle. Her entire life! And this was such a giant accomplishment for her. We are all so proud. Especially since she graduated with good grades. She was on the honor roll. And received an award for that.

The icing on the cake, was that the principle talked about her during his speech. It really made her feel special. My granddaughter has taught us all amazing things. Especially that, you can accomplish anything. It doesn't matter if you have disabilities, learning problems, or are in special education classes. The sky is the limit! We are all so proud!

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